Compellio is a Luxembourg-based IT company specializing in entrepreneurship support solutions. It helps organizations implement innovation and acceleration programmes, facilitate online collaboration and support the transformation of business ideas to new businesses. 

6zero1 and Compellio are working together to help social enterprises grow sustainably. By taking advantage of Compellio’s online platform, 6zero1 provides state-of-the-art business modelling and validation support to social enterprises.

“The Compellio online platform adds value to our acceleration programme” said Gontran Poirot, Manager at 6zero1. “With Compellio, we offer our social entrepreneurs a clear and systematic way to define and validate their business ideas. Entrepreneurs can work autonomously while benefiting from tailor-made online support in a secure environment available 24/7. In addition to the service offered to all our social enterprises, Compellio offers additional online services that greatly simplify our own work of managing the acceleration programme.”

“We are excited to work with the new 6zero1 incubator” said Theofilos Papasternos, Business Project Manager at Compellio. “With Compellio all social entrepreneurs at 6zero1 will be supported in using the latest entrepreneurship methodologies applied in the dynamic space of social economy. Compellio is equipping 6zero1 with modern tools to help more entrepreneurs develop viable businesses and drive social change and innovation.”


Additional information about Compellio is available at: 
Twitter: @compellio